Orava Village Museum, Zuberec – Brestová

The museum spreads over the meadows of Brestová below Roháče mountain in the Western Tatras. Originally these were only pastures. The mountain stream Studená, with a reconstructed mill pond for a mill and a fulling mill, runs through the museum site.
The constructions in the museum are mostly originals brought in from different locations in Orava. They were bought from their original owners, dismantled, transported and conserved, and reassembled in the museum. Replicas were made of those constructions which could not be bought or transported.
The museum is divided into five parts: Lower Orava Market place – showing a little market town with buildings form the south-western part of the region, Upper Orava Street – show-piece of a village with row houses and homesteads from the period of the Wallach colonization, Goral hamlets showing scattered homesteads in a mountain environment, Wooden church, Mill House with water technology facilities – the mill and the fulling mil.